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Jowar Flour 1 kg


Gluten-free millet flour, helps reduce cholesterol


Also known as Sorghum or Great Millet, Jowar belongs to the millet family. It is Gluten free and contains more calcium when compared to wheat and rice it. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Sorghum originated around 5-8,000 years ago in north-eastern Africa where it was first domesticated. India is the secondary center of origin of Sorghum. “Sorghum grain contains 11.3% protein, 3.3% fat and 56–73% starch. It is relatively rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus and B-complex vitamins. Tannins, found particularly in red-grained types, contain antioxidants that protect against cell damage, a major cause of diseases and aging.
The protein and starch in sorghum grain are more slowly digested than those from other cereals, and slower rates of digestibility are particularly beneficial for people with diabetes. Sorghum starch is gluten-free, making sorghum a good alternative to wheat flour for individuals suffering from celiac disease”. Source: CGIAR.
Traditional foods made from sorghum include ‘bhakri’ (unfermented bread), as well as several types of fermented breads, porridges, couscous and snacks. Sorghum blended with wheat flour has been used over the last two decades to produce baked products, including yeast-leavened pan, hearth and flatbreads, cakes, cookies, and flour tortillas. Hard sorghum is used in south-east Asia for making noodles.


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